Version History

A history of the significant changes in GISquirrel versions.

Pro v1.0.0 BETA (released 10th November 2023)

  1. New version for ArcGIS Pro (see pre-requisites)

v1.3.5482 BETA (released 6th January 2022)

  1. Resolves issue #34 (connecting to a PostgreSQL server using a certificate).

v1.3.5378 BETA (released 22nd September 2021)

  1. Fixes an inconsistency in the way GISquirrel treated lookup tables from multiple schemas.

v1.3.5370 BETA (released 15th September 2021)

  1. Fixes bug in 1.3.5302 installer that delivered an incorrect version of Microsoft.SqlServer.Types.dll for later ArcGIS versions.

v1.3.5302 BETA (released 9th July 2021)

  1. Fixes bug in creation of metadata tables
  2. Uses latest compatible drivers for PostGIS allowing password authentication with scram-sha-256

v1.3.5071 BETA (released 19th November 2020)

NB known issues - do not use this version.

  1. Compatibility with ArcGIS 10.8
  2. Resolved exception when opening FeatureClass admin as first GISquirrel dialogue in a session.

v1.3.4698 LTR (released 12th November 2019)

  1. Resolves error experienced by some users with SQL Server: 'Unable to load DLL "SqlServerSpatial120.dll"'

v1.3.4563 (released 18th October 2019)

  1. Compatibility with ArcGIS 10.7

v1.3.4529 (released 27th May 2019)

  1. A few bug fixes
  2. Improved index maintenance on MSSQL
  3. Support for PostgreSQL connections to QGISCloud

1.3.4110 BETA (released 23rd May 2018)

  1. Compatibility with ArcGIS 10.6

1.3.3659 (released 7th January 2017)

  1. Compatibility with ArcGIS 10.5
  2. Integrity check can be performed on multiple feature classes.
  3. Improved spatial index computation and re-computation after editing (from index extent, growing or shrinking).
  4. Corrected spatial index re-computation for views.
  5. Improved efficiency of geometry creation from WKB.

1.3.3353 ALPHA (released 8th March 2016)

  1. Compatibility with ArcGIS 10.4.

  2. Ensures PostGreSQL connection dialogue correctly pre-populates all connection properties.

  3. Handles potential exception on the PostgreSQL connection form that results in the application seeming to stall because the error message pops under an as yet invisible dialogue.

1.3.3174 ALPHA (released 10th September 2015)

  1. Compatibility with ArcGIS 10.3.1.

  2. Type of shapelength/shapearea is checked before inserting values preventing rare type conversion errors when exported GISquirrel feature class is re-imported.

  3. Fixed null exception upon start-up of PostgreSQL connection dialogue.

  4. Corrected logic of the feature class edit dialogue's database schema controls (text vs. combo boxes).

  5. Fixed a bug in the edit layer selection dialogue.

  6. Custom catalogue objects for GISquirrel connection files and datasets enable use of GISquirrel datasets as input of geoprocessing tools and context menu commands of native ArcGIS remote database workspaces.

  7. Added Load data command.

  8. Workspace metadata can now be stored in connection file.

  9. Enabled the "Add GISquirrel ... Workspace" command in ArcMap's "Add Data" dialogue and "Catalog Window" as well as in the ArcCatalog application.

  10. OGC metadata maintenance supports GeoServer metadata table schema.

  11. GISquirrel now properly distinguishes feature classes whose names only differ in casing.

  12. Some metadata queries use PostgreSQL version specific syntax.

  13. Envelope computation no longer fails for feature classes based on views stored in databases whose names contain special characters.

  14. One of the two authentication radio buttons on the SQL Server connection dialogue is always selected.

  15. Edit feature class dialogue no longer defaults to an incorrect schema and as a consequence fails to display a table name in some cases where the underlying table resides outside the default user schema.

  16. Bulk import dialogue no longer erroneously disables the OK button.

  17. Bulk import dialogue no longer falsely reports error adding selected map layers.

  18. Enabled and corrected handling of several PostgreSQL and MSSQL data types.

  19. Enabled editing of PostgreSQL feature classes imported with the "Preserve identifier case" option turned on (i.e. based on tables with mixed-case column names) when the "Preserve identifier case" option is turned off.

  20. When editing a group (multiple feature classes) all edits ares saved in a single transaction.

1.2.2978 BETA (BETA released 27th February 2015)

  1. Added warning when deleting or editing a DbFeatureClass on which any layers in the current map are based.
  2. Fixed several issues related to PostgreSQL mixed-case identifiers that could make an imported layer read-only.
  3. Fixed an issue with column names of re-imported GISquirrel feature classes.

1.2.2949 BETA (BETA released 28th January 2015)

  1. ArcGIS 10.3 support.
  2. Exclude features locked by other users when editing started on entire layer.
  3. GISquirrel feature classes can be used as input into ArcToolbox tools on Windows 8 systems. As always, GISquirrel feature classes must be referenced through map layers in ArcMap; ArcToolbox cannot handle direct references to GISquirrel feature classes in their source workspaces.
  4. GISquirrel workspaces behave like remote database rather file system workspaces. That is, they are displayed with the remote database icon and the feature classes contained in a workspace are only listed upon connecting to the data source (by double-clicking or clicking the Connect command on the context menu), eliminating a performance bottleneck when feature classes of multiple remote GISquirrel data sources were automatically listed by any catalogue operation in ArcCatalog or ArcMap. Please note that the Connection Properties context menu item still has no effect, as it only operates on native ArcGIS database connection files.
  5. The Feature Class Admin and Bulk Import dialogues are available in ArcCatalog.
  6. Feature classes can be renamed and deleted directly in ArcCatalog (i.e without any GISquirrel dialogue). Copy and drag-and-drop operations between workspaces are not supported, however.
  7. Attribute indexes and their key fields are displayed in ArcCatlog feature class properties dialogue. This is read-only; indexes cannot be added or deleted.
  8. Corrected a metadata query that for some Microsoft SQL Server Spatial feature classes retrieved incorrect spatial index names.
  9. Zooming outside current view extent no longer fails to draw geometries when named spatial index of MSSQL feature class doesn't exist.
  10. Corrected some scenarios in which GISquirrel windows could grow beyond screen size or move off screen.
  11. NULL values in date fields (date or datetime database columns) properly display as <Null> in the attribute table.
  12. The incorrect SQL syntax of date queries built by the ArcMap Select by Attributes dialogue is corrected to allow for automatically built queries on the date part.
  13. Corrected the way potential key columns for feature classes based on MSSQL views are identified.
  14. Spaces in column names no longer result in invalid SQL statements (parameter names) when importing a layer.
  15. Saving edits to a table with money or some other numeric column types no longer fails because of an invalid bulk update table creation statemtent.
  16. Feature class importer now ensures unique key column names.

1.2.2775 BETA (released 7th August 2014)

  1. Corrected typos in SQL statements that create PostgreSQL domain lookup tables (with thanks to Jeff Maas).
  2. Lookup tables names now follow the same rules as data tables, including the "Preserve identifier case" setting.
  3. PostGIS envelope computation makes just one rather than repeated attempts to create missing table statistics.

1.2.2750 BETA (released 13th July 2014)

  1. PostgreSQL update statements no longer erroneously use the database default geometry column name but the geometry column name of the table being edited.
  2. Npgsql array parameters are handled in a way that prevents the latest Npgsql versions from building incorrect SQL statements.
  3. PostgreSQL :: type casts are removed from default values when creating the default values of the corresponding temporary ArcGIS editing layer.
  4. PostgreSQL metadata queries ignore deleted columns.
  5. Fixed an issue with object name casing in MSSQL instances with case sensitive collations.
  6. MSSQL coded value domain lookup table no longer exceeds data length restrictions on primary key. Domain values and names are truncated to the maximum column size.
  7. Fixed a problem with the domains metadata table trigger function in PostgreSQL table. The trigger function will be automatically updated in existing databases.

1.2.2699 BETA (released 23rd May 2014)

  1. Fixed bug where computation of layer extent could fail for derived views (i.e. views based on other views).
  2. Added support for MSSQL database types bit, datetimeoffset, datetime2.
  3. Resolved inconsistency in handling PreserveIdentifierCase user setting for table names when importing to PostgreSQL.
  4. Fixed null reference exception when opening feature class administrator window.
  5. Fixed a bug that prevented a GISquirrel layer from being added to a map through an API call.
  6. Improved computation of extent of layers based on views.
  7. Added binaries for ArcGIS 10.2.1 and 10.2.2
  8. Added the ability to rename, delete and copy GISquirrel feature classes in ArcCatalog. Copying and pasting can only be implemented between GISquirrel workspaces; it is not possible to paste a GISquirrel feature class into a non-GISquirrel workspace or a non-GISquirrel feature class into a GISquirrel workspace.
  9. "Computed columns" (not in the technical sense) such as window functions (e.g. row_number) may now be accepted as primary keys of layers based on views. It is the user's responsibility to make sure that these columns contain unique non-null values. This behaviour is controlled by a user configuration setting that is off by default and may be enabled through the Options dialogue.
  10. GISquirrel windows are now automatically re-centred when they don't fit in the screen workarea.
  11. Resolved issue where SQL Server Spatial library could fail to load on some systems.
  12. Layers based on views that aren't updatable can be made editable by adding INSTEAD OF triggers (in PostgreSQL also unconditional INSTEAD OF rules).
  13. Fixed bug where the Feature Class Administrator failed to open when last used connection file pointed to an inaccessible database.
  14. Fixed bug where Import to PostgreSQL could fail for certain feature classes with mixed case column names.
  15. Trigger on domains metadata table is now expressly created in same schema as the domains table itself. Thanks to Jerry Workman for discovering and diagnosing this issue.
  16. When importing a GISquirrel feature class to a different database platform, default values that are function calls are no longer added to the output table.
  17. Fixed bug where Feature Class Import dialogue could raise an error when switching to a PostgreSQL database.

1.2.2453 (released 23rd September 2013)

  1. Compatible with ArcGIS 10.2

1.2.2433 (released 30th August 2013)

  1. Enabled automatic maintenance of OGC metadata tables for GISquirrel layers (optional).
  2. Added "Options" dialogue to main GISquirrel menu, to control this OGC maintenance and other options explained here.
  3. Fixed bug where an error was raised on saving edits with tables not containing the optional "asq_lockedby" field.
  4. Improved resilience in multi-user editing when multiple users share the same database login.
  5. Improved automatic detection of primary key fields to include dynamically generated identifiers (e.g. created with row_number() OVER ...).
  6. Improved positioning and sizing of the Feature Class Administrator window when large number of feature classes are present.
  7. Improved feedback when problems occur during layer imports; previously the diagnostic messages were not visible at the end of the process.

1.2.2293 (released 3rd May 2013)

  1. During imports of new layers the spatial index is now created after the records have been imported instead of before, significantly speeding up the import process and avoiding index fragmentation.
  2. "INSTEAD OF UPDATE/INSERT/DELETE" triggers/rules are now taken into consideration when determining whether or not views are editable. Full details of the new behaviours are described here.
  3. Minor bug fixes in bulk importer validation.
  4. New context menu command on the bulk import form: toggle “Add to map” switch for all imported layers.
  5. Bulk import now raises a message when all layers have been imported or an error is encountered.
  6. Fixed a layout issue on the feature class administrator dialogue whose feature class grid could grow to cover up the button when a large number of feature class was present in a database.

1.2.1 (released 4th March 2013)

  • Minor bug fixes over 1.2.0

1.2.0 (released 25th February 2013)

  • Product name changed to GISquirrel
  • Added support for PostGIS databases
  • Added Bulk Import function
  • Improved speed and efficiency of saving edits
  • Fixed issue where importing a layer with a single point feature could fail
  • Feature class admin now allows adding multiple layers to the map at once (multi-select using Shift/Ctrl in grid).
  • Feature class admin uses familiar ArcMap layer ordering logic when adding layers to the map, and adds new layers into a group if the group is pre-selected.
  • Withdrew official support for GISquirrel with SQL Server 2000 and 2005.

1.1.0 (released 1st November 2012)

  • Compatible with ArcGIS version 10.1
  • Added coordinate system browser

1.0.20 (released 11th November 2010)

  • Compatible with ArcGIS 10
  • Fixed issue where layers would not draw if the regional decimal symbol was set to ","

1.0.19 (released 25th June 2010)

  • Added Developer API
  • Fixed issue where layers based on views could fail with mixed collations

1.0.18 (released 30th January 2010)

  • First full release
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