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The Options dialogue, accessed from the GISquirrel menu, controls the following options:

  1. Maintain OGC metadata:
    If this option is checked (default) GISquirrel will—in addition to its own metadata tables—create and maintain an OGC compliant geometry_columns metadata table in Microsoft SQL Server databases. The purpose of this option is enhanced interoperability, particularly with the popular open source desktop GIS programme, Quantum GIS (QGIS). Having a geometry_column metadata table can dramatically speed up browsing of large SQL Server databases, which can otherwise take can take a very long time with QGIS. This option only affects Microsoft SQL Server databases; PostgreSQL/PostGIS databases have their own, built-in OGC-compliant metadata table.
  2. Allow computed view keys columns:
    If this option is checked a generated column, such as a window function e.g. row_number, may be accepted as the primary key for layers based on views. The generated column must be an integer data type. GISquirrel will not check the validity of the key, so it is the responsibility of the user to ensure the values in the specified column are unique. This option is unchecked by default.
  3. Database default id column names:
    If this option is checked (default) the primary key column of an imported layer will be given the database system's default name for auto-number or serial primary key columns. This is "id" for Microsoft SQL Server and "gid" for PostgreSQL/PostGIS. If the layer already has a column of the same name the primary key column name will be made unique by adding a numeric suffix. If this option is unchecked the imported layer's OID field name will become the database table's primary key column name.
  4. Preserve identifier case:
    If this is unchecked (default) identifier names will be converted to the database system's default case when importing a layer. This setting is primarily relevant to PostgreSQL/PostGIS databases, as PostgreSQL identifiers are case sensitive when quoted, whereas Microsoft SQL Server identifiers are never case sensitive. If this option is checked, the case of database column names will match that of the imported layer, which is usually upper case.
  5. Command timeout:
    Timeout for database commands in seconds; defaults to 300s. GISquirrel will wait this number of seconds for database commands to execute. Any command that has not completed within this time will be cancelled.


Modified 5/23/2014
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