GISquirrel Roadmap

We are always looking to build new functionality into GISquirrel to meet users' changing requirements. We have already added several new features in response to user requests, as shown in the version history.

Note we now have an open GitHub repository for logging issues and requests. Please feel free to contribute your ideas and log any support issues.

Major items on the GISquirrel roadmap include:

  • Building a new version of GISquirrel for each new release of ArcGIS.
  • Archived versioned edits
    An optional facility to retain the original every time a feature is edited. This will allow a dataset to be viewed at or reverted to its state at any point in its history.
  • Rule-based editing
    GISquirrel already supports attribute domains and default values, which help ensure data integrity. In future we will allow more sophisticated checks before data is saved to the master table.
  • Append option for the layer importer.
  • Configuration options to determine
    • how GISquirrel manages spatial indexes;
    • how GISquirrel behaves when importing data.
  • Support for Z and M values.
  • Support for custom coordinate systems.
  • Support for Oracle.
  • GISquirrel for ArcGIS Pro.

If you have requests or ideas, please do let us know at


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