The GISquirrel Toolbar in ArcMap

After installation, the GISquirrel toolbar will be visible in ArcMap.

The GISquirrel toolbar in ArcMap

If the toolbar is not visible, it can be switched on using View > Toolbars > GISquirrel.

The toolbar menus contain the following commands:





Import Layer

This command opens a form for importing any vector layer from the map into the GISquirrel database.


Bulk Import This command opens a form for importing multiple layers or datasets.


Feature Class Admin

This command opens a form for creating, removing and managing feature classes. By default it remembers the last database connection, and shows all feature classes in that database.

GISquirrel Options This command opens a form for configuring preferences



This command opens a form for checking/entering licence details. This can convert an evaluation licence to a full licence, and can also increase the number of licensed seats. Licence details are stored on each PC.


Start Editing

This command starts a GISquirrel editing session. The user is prompted to select a layer or group of layers to edit, and to choose whether to edit selected features (if any) or the whole table.


Stop Editing

This command ends a GISquirrel editing session, and prompts the user whether they want to save their edits or not. It is also possible to end a GISquirrel editing session using the standard “Stop Editing” command on the Editor toolbar.



This command leads to this web site, where up-to-date help and documentation can be found.



This command opens a form showing information about the GISquirrel version being run, and the licensing details.

Modified 1/19/2015
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