Feature Classes and Layers

GISquirrel data is organized into feature classes, closely following the ESRI definition of the term. A feature class is a tabular dataset in which each row defines a feature on the map; it has a field that contains geometry information and other fields that identify and describe the feature. Note that in GISquirrel a feature class can use a table or a view as its data source, and that you can have more than one feature class defined for the same base table. This gives you the flexibility to manage your data efficiently and deliver exactly the right data to different users.

Feature classes are created and managed using the Feature Class Admin form.

ArcMap layers are created by adding an GISquirrel feature class to the map document. The properties of the layer can be customised as for any other vector layer, and the settings saved to a layer file (*.lyr). More than one layer can be created for any GISquirrel feature class, just like any other data source.

Feature classes based on views may or may not be editable – please see the Editing view-based feature classes section for more details.

Modified 2/19/2013
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