GISquirrel user interfaces

GISquirrel is easy to use, with only a few forms for importing and managing feature classes. Each form is described and explained in this manual, but there are a few general points to note:

Some controls (boxes, pick-lists etc) require user input before you can proceed – these will be outlined in red if values are missing.

The “OK” button on each form will not be enabled until all required information has been provided.

Sometimes the “OK” will still not be enabled even after all information has been provided – this means something else is wrong. Hover the mouse over each control to see the explanation of what is required.

The tools generally remember the last database connection file used by the current user on each PC. If the user has not previously made a connection, or if this connection fails, just browse to a connection file or create a new one.

Modified 2/19/2013
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