GISquirrel for ArcGIS, SQL Server and PostGIS

GISquirrel allows you to view, edit and manage spatial data from Microsoft SQL Server or PostGIS in ArcGIS Desktop or ArcGIS Pro, using just a Basic/ArcView licence. No need for SDE, Server, Standard/ArcEditor or Advanced/ ArcInfo licences.
ArcMap showing the GISquirrel Feature Class Administrator

  • GISquirrel links ArcGIS/ArcMap/ArcGIS Pro with Microsoft SQL Server or PostGIS, without SDE/Server or higher licensing levels.
  • If you don't have SQL Server already, you can use the free "Express" editions.
  • GISquirrel integrates spatial data with wider information management systems.
  • GISquirrel is simple to administer, cost-effective, powerful and scalable.
  • GISquirrel provides multi-user editing with an ArcGIS Basic (ArcView) licence.
  • GISquirrel brings OGC-compliance for cross-platform interoperability.
  • GISquirrel automatically manages spatial indexes and metadata.
  • GISquirrel is free for "not for profit" environmental benefit
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To find out what GISquirrel can do for you, why not download an evaluation copy.

GISquirrel also has a developer API... read more about the API

Who writes GISquirrel?

GISquirrel is written by Exegesis Spatial Data Management (part of Idox Software Ltd) a software development and environmental data consultancy in the Brecon Beacons National Park, Wales, UK.

Our team of experienced software developers and systems analysts specialise in low cost GI solutions that integrate ESRI and open source applications. If you are wondering how to make best use of emerging open source GI applications, trying to work out the most cost-effective technology stack for your organisation, or if you simply want bespoke software development, then please contact us for an exploratory chat.

Other Exegesis products & services for ESRI users include:

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