Purchasing and Licensing FAQ

What are the limitations of the evaluation licence?
The evaluation licence will only import or draw up to 10,000 features per layer. It will display reminders that you are using an evaluation copy. It will stop working after 20 minutes of use, requiring a re-start of ArcMap / ArcGIS Pro.
Do I need one licence per machine?
Yes, GISquirrel is licensed per seat, or per named user if running on an application server (e.g. Citrix). However, note that you only need a licence to edit your data - GISquirrel data can be viewed read-only in ArcMap using "Query Layers".
Do I need ArcEditor (now called "Standard") or ArcInfo ("Advanced") to view or edit GISquirrel data?
No, all GISquirrel functionality works with an ArcView ("Basic") licence.
Can I buy an unlimited site licence?
Not at the moment. We think you'll agree the per-seat price is so good that GISquirrel will be a beneficial purchase for all your GIS users.
Is there a discount for multiple seat purchases?
No - to keep life simple for everyone we have kept the price per seat fixed.
How do I get technical support?
We provide technical support free of charge to registered licence holders on a "best-endeavours" basis; please submit any questions through the support page. If you have any questions while evaluating GISquirrel, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Will I be entitled to patches? Is there a maintenance fee?
GISquirrel patches are available free of charge to all users; simply download the latest version from the download page, uninstall the old version, and install the new one on each PC. Your licensing registration details will still be valid.
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