Functionality FAQ

How is the data stored?
It is stored in a field with data type "geometry". In SQL Server and PostGIS this data type is specifically designed for the storage and processing of features in accordance with the Open Geospatial Consortium Simple Features specification.
Can I export my data to shapefiles or other ESRI formats?
Yes! Just right-click on the layer in ArcMap and you get the usual export options.
Can I load raster data into GISquirrel?
No - GISquirrel is designed for use with vector datasets (point, line, polygon, multipoint).
Is there a limit on the size of GISquirrel layers?
Only the limits of your database server capacity. In practice of course there may be limits on the size of tables that will perform acceptably, depending on many factors including server/network/PC specifications. If you are using the free SQL Server Express edition, each database is limited to 10GB in 2012.
Does GISquirrel support M or Z values?
M and Z values are supported in the ArcGIS Pro version. Please note that M values are mandatory when enabled.
Can my GISquirrel data be stored on a PC or laptop?
Yes, if you run a local instance of SQL Server, including the free "express" editions, or PostGIS.
Can I use the ArcGIS Toolbox tools for geoprocessing GISquirrel layers?
Yes, but please read this guidance.
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