GISquirrel Tools In ArcCatalog

With GISquirrel, the tools for creating and managing feature classes are provided in ArcMap and/or SQL Server’s administration tools. Therefore, there is no GISquirrel toolbar in ArcCatalog, and you cannot use ArcCatalog to create or alter GISquirrel feature classes. Of the usual operations you might perform in ArcCatalog, the following are supported on GISquirrel feature classes:

  • Browse (see what feature classes are in what folders – remember that the folder containing the connection file to a database appears to contain the feature classes that are in that database).
  • Preview (Geography and Table).
  • Copy. GISquirrel layers can copied and pasted into another GISquirrel workspace, however it is not possible to copy non-GISquirrel layers into a GISquirrel workspace or paste GISquirrel layers into non-GISquirrel workspaces.
  • Delete. This only deletes the feature class details, not the data.
  • Rename. 
  • View Properties. Most data will be correctly displayed, however ArcCatalog is unable to display information about SQL Server attribute or spatial indexes.
  • Edit metadata.
  • Export – sorry you cannot use the export tools from ArcCatalog, but you can export from ArcMap instead.
Modified 5/23/2014
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