Add Layer To Map

Once a GISquirrel feature class has been configured, it can be added to any ArcGIS map document (MXD) in two ways.

  • In the Feature Class Admin interface, select a feature class and click “Add to Map”. This will add the layer to the map using normal layer ordering logic - point layers above polyline layers above polygon layers. If a group is selected before using this tool, the new layer will be added into the group.
  • Use the ArcMap “Add Data” tool ArcMap add layer button, and navigating to the folder containing an GISquirrel connection file. GISquirrel feature classes will be visible in the folder, and can be selected and added to the map. Note that feature classes may not be visible to a user if they do not have sufficient permissions.

Additional properties can then be set, and stored in a layer file (*.lyr) if required, as for any other vector layer.

In ArcGIS Pro, layers can also be added to the map from the Catalog pane by right-clicking on the layer and selecting "Add to current map".

Modified 9/5/2023
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