Layers from Coordinates

It is possible to create read-only GISquirrel feature classes from coordinates stored in separate numeric coordinate fields, or from WKT in a text field, as well as from Geometry fields.

This can be achieved by using the OGC methods for creating geometry data from WKT, which in turn can be assembled from coordinate fields.

This example creates a geometry field from numeric “X” and “Y” fields, using British National Grid (27700):

SELECT UID, geometry::STPointFromText('POINT (' + CAST(X AS varchar) + ' ' + CAST(Y AS varchar) + ')', 27700) AS geomFromXY, MyOtherField1 FROM dbo.MyTable WHERE (NOT (X IS NULL)) AND (NOT (Y IS NULL))

A GISquirrel class could be created based on this SQL, specifying “geomFromXY” as the geometry field and “Point” as the geometry type. Note that this would not be an editable feature class, but this may provide a useful mapping option where raw coordinates are managed in another system.

Modified 2/19/2013
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