Attribute Domains & Default Values

GISquirrel supports attribute domains and default values, which help users enter consistent clean data. Attribute domains are rules that describe the permitted values for a field. ESRI provide two types domains, “coded” and “range” domains. “Coded” domains provide a list of distinct values permitted in a field, each of which has a code that is stored in the database and a description that is displayed to the user. “Coded” domains are presented as a pick-list to the user when editing. “Range” domains apply only to numeric or date/time fields, giving minimum and maximum permitted values; however these do not restrict or assist the user while editing unless they use the “Validate features” tool in which case their entered values are checked for the selected features.

Attribute domains also determine what happens to values when a feature is split, or when features are merged. Please see the Attribute Domain Administration section for more information about how the domains are stored using GISquirrel, and how to configure them to your needs.

Default values are used to determine the value that will be automatically assigned to a field when a feature is created. See the Default Value Administration section for more information about how to configure and use default values in GISquirrel.

Modified 2/19/2013
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